Procedural is Clicking

Posted by Amber Blahnik on August 24, 2017

So far, I’ve been doing a lot better in the Procedural Ruby course than I thought I would. I really love how some of what I already learned in Intro to Ruby is applied to this course. In fact, 25% of it was already done when I started. This made me feel great; like I was on the right track and had accomplished more than I thought.

Now my strategy is to re-read and review everything I had previously completed before I move on to the next section. This ingrains everything better in my brain, gives me more practice, and makes me feel like I am actually starting to retain this.

As I’ve been learning Ruby, I feel like I’ve been overcoming a fear.


Sometimes I get way too wrapped up in a part of the little details that I can’t always see the bigger picture; I gloss over things and miss a key part, then I get confused, then I get mad at myself and defeatist for being confused, then I get scared that “maybe I just suck at this?”


Learning Ruby has helped with that. As a larger whole, it’s made me realize that I tend to be too hard on myself, especially when it comes to learning code.

This is why I ended up dabbling so much over the years. I would start learning a new language then abandon it when it got hard. Then come back to it when it was too late and I didn’t remember it enough anymore. Then I would get mad at myself thinking I suck, thus starting the vicious cycle all over again.


Recently, I attended a streamed, live lecture by Flatiron School called “Learning How to Learn”. There was a lot of great advice in it, but the one about picking a language and sticking with it, and the adage “if you’re tired of starting over, don’t give up” rang very true for me.

So that is what I am doing. I am sticking with it. I am tired of starting over, so I will not give up. I am slowly overcoming my fear of failure and not letting my anxiety get in the way of my learning experience with code.

It’s gonna be challenging, but I know it will be worth it.